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Common types of wine opener use
Jan 03, 2018

I believe people who love to drink wine are very familiar with the bottle opener, and its use is also very familiar with, but people who do not often drink wine, but do not understand the use of the bottle opener, so today to introduce the wine How to use the bottle opener There are many kinds of wine opener, the common is about these types:

This is our most common type of opener, and most families should have used it. This opener concise lightweight, easy to carry, the price is cheap. However, it is harder to use on your own. Corkscrew vertically aligned corkscrew, turn the bottle cork center alignment, a little harder turn the screw into the cork, and then grasp the intensity, the one-time pull out the cork. This point is very critical, too much force, you may just pull out the bottle opener, the force is too small to pull out, and it is easy to unplug the cork, if left a cork in the bottle, and then Pull out very troublesome.


This is called the sea horse bottle opener, the origin of the name is derived from its shape like a sea horse. Can see the bottle opener on the map, the color of the location is the knife back. There is a knife above the back of the knife. When we use the bottle opener, the first with a knife to the bottle of tin foil flat open, the spiral turn force into the cork, this time the knife head of the mouth against the bottle, the cork will be forced out, This time to unplug the cork.


This type of opener is a rabbit-style opener, also because there are two ears like a rabbit. As we can see from the illustration, this opener requires two hands to work together on the opener. Use "rabbit ears" to clamp the bottle mouth, press the pressing rod, make the spiral drill turn into the cork, then pull the pressing rod backwards, then the cork has already come out.


This bottle opener is a butterfly-type bottle opener, very durable, and labor-saving, use is: first twist the handle of the bottle opener head, the screw into the cork, this time both sides of the bottle opener The handle will naturally tilt the network, until the spiral turn all the corks, the handle on both sides hold down the pressure, back to the original state, the cork came out. Very suitable for home, but also safe.


The above four kinds of opener are common in our life wine opener, the price is cheap, the general mall has sales. Usage is also very simple, if you feel a little hard to use for the first time, then try a few times will be proficient!

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