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Lemonade effect
Nov 22, 2017

Cut 2 or 3 slices of lemons in a cup / container and add hot water, which turns "alkaline water" and is consumed daily and is good for everyone.

Hot lemonade can release a bitter anti-cancer substance, which is the latest progress in the effective treatment of cancer in the field of medicine.

lemonade only vitamin C, just as cooked tomatoes better than raw, because raw tomatoes do not have lycopene.

Natural lemonade detoxification


Lemonade can eliminate the body of harmful substances, whitening, detoxification, bowel, but also to quench their thirst and dilute the desire to eat, do not need special diet, do you double benefit. Fresh lemon soaked in water, vitamin content is extremely rich, it is the beauty of the best products, to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, play a whitening effect; drinking lemonade can also prevent cardiovascular disease, because lemonade can ease the calcium ions to promote Blood coagulation, so it can prevent and assist in the treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction; lemonade contains large amounts of citrate, calcium salt can inhibit the crystallization, thereby preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even some of the patients with chronic kidney stones to reduce the stone, change less.

side effect

Weight loss

Dry lemon slices soaked in water to drink, only 2-3 tablets, the main difference between the dried lemon slices and freshness is the amount of trace elements contained in the problem, soaked lemon is best to use warm water, because vitamin C easily necrosis at high temperatures, and Can not use the thermos to bubble, the continued high temperature will make some of the toxic substances in the plant to bubble out. Lemons contain large amounts of vitamin C, and vitamin C can easily be oxidized, dried lemon slices and fresh vitamin C content is certainly lower. The taste of water will be slightly worse, but the difference is not great. Soaked in water, the effect is not very different, with lemon slices soaked in water to drink is whitening.

Lemonade is suitable for when to drink

Drink a glass of lemon and honey on an empty stomach every morning

Have to cure constipation, detoxification beauty effect, the role of weight loss, refreshing, whitening, the effect of preventing colds. Disadvantages: poor stomach, if people often drink lemonade fasting, if too sour, prone to nausea and malignant phenomenon, easy to get gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, the sisters should be alert. Recommendation: If, like morning fasting drink lemonade crowd, it is best to add a spoonful of honey, lemonade to light as well. Poor stomach, it is best not to drink lemonade fasting in the morning, or drink less.

The benefits of lemon juice

Lemons are highly salty and are considered good remedies for all illnesses, cough, phlegm, and spleen.

Improve osteoporosis

Citric acid in lemon makes calcium easy to deepen and can chelate calcium, can enhance the body's absorption of calcium, increase the body's bone mineral density, prevent osteoporosis.

Achieve cosmetic results

Lemons can be described as female fruit, because it can tocolysis, so called "appropriate mother and child." It can be beautiful, because of its citric acid to spot, to prevent pigmentation, oral administration are effective. Lemon itself is the beauty of beauty products, can promote gastric secretion of protein decomposition, increase gastrointestinal motility, to help digestion and absorption.

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