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How Much Do You Know About Wine?
Nov 22, 2017

Red wine precipitation for thousands of years of wine culture, for many people who love the quality of life. Love wine who spared no expense to buy good wine, similar to the red wine, opener, wine knife, wine nose, wine cooler, tasting, tasting the fun of wine, such a beautiful wine will be essential.

Wine glass: Drinking the most important is the glass, a good crystal cup and ordinary glass brings the feeling and fun is completely different. Different wine to choose to use different glasses, champagne glasses are slender, conducive to appreciate the rise of the bubble; white glass cup and cup mouth are too small, it will be more likely to gather the aroma of wine, not to Let the fragrance spread too fast; the red wine glass is larger stomach, because red wine usually need oxygen to the wine inside the aroma released.

Paper Cutter: A tool used to remove bottle-tip paper, usually with a blade.

Wine Opener: With the emergence and development of modern industry, wine opener from the initial plastic bottle opener to a variety of pressure bottle opener, electric bottle opener, has experienced hundreds of years of development history.

Sober Pourer: convenient pouring red wine from the bottle, some sober Pourer instant sober function.

Vacuum corks: drink red wine with cork plug back or vacuum corkscrew out of the air into the refrigerator to save.

Wine knife: wine knife English waiter's friend, literally translated as "waiter's friend", use it to open the wine, the first with a zigzag knife cut the cap, the screw tap into the cork, with the lever next to the cork Pull out.

Wine nose: There are a variety of wine aromas, such as peaches, pears, black currants, beginners are difficult to distinguish, enthusiasts usually with wine nose. Wine nose is the world's top wine tasting tools, a selection of these 78 aroma replicates red and white grapes around the world

Wine and champagne, as well as oak wine aging can show all the typical aroma. Fans just need to remember these aromas in the brain, wine tasting time to identify the aroma of wine.

Wine Wine Cabinet: Another expensive wine, if not properly preserved, degenerate worthless. Wine on the preservation of the conditions is very harsh, usually require constant temperature and humidity without vibration, so the wine on the temperature is too high, usually 1 to 2 months will be broken, followed by humidity requirements at about 70%, to avoid vibration, Vibration will speed up the wine's maturity. Therefore, the wine cooler for the preservation of red wine is very necessary.

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